An Online Church That Truly Cares About Your Life

AHOP.Online is not just a platform for web-church… it’s a global community with pastoral covering you can trust.
Whether you are in transition from one church to another, just not finding true connection in your city, have to work on church days, or looking to supplement your Christian experience and learning, we’re here for you.


Webchurch Members Getting Healed, Delivered and Empowered

Our webchurch members from around the world are experiencing transformational change in their lives. Here are just a few of the many testimonies.

Deliverance and
Spiritual Growth

“The webchurch has helped me stay connected with a Spirit-filled community each Sunday. The worship powerfully administers the Holy Spirit anointing right into my living room. The teachings have helped me develop and grow in practical ways. I have also experienced some deliverance in my life during these web broadcasts. The virtual life groups are thought provoking and informative and the Pastoral Care definitely concerns themselves with spiritual concern. They love you and pray for you.” – Carol

Someone is Always
There for Me

“The webchurch has helped me so much in one of my toughest seasons. The Lord has touched me so many Sundays just watching church online. His presence ministers to me every time. I’ve been delivered of things I didn’t even know I had just listening. It makes me more hungry for God. Just the spirit things are taught in is so impacting. It’s with grace and you can feel the love of God. Whenever there’s a serious need I can message for prayer. Someone is there. It has been life changing for me. The life group teaches alot. I love it!!!” – Ilse

Significant Financial Breakthroughs and Blessings

“The webchurch has been a true blessing to me. The sermons have been tremendously impactful and I love how it can be taken right from a Sunday session to be applied to life as we know it now. I have grown so much and I look forward to future growth as I continue. I’ll never forget how I put in a prayer request about my son and, within a few hours, I saw instantaneous results. I knew immediately that the pastoral team was on it and I’m so grateful. I saw significant financial breakthrough, and I know I would not have seen that as rapidly without the prayers/decrees that went forth. It’s been so fruitful. Best decision ever!” – Darcella


All membership fees are used to share in covering the expenses of pastors, administration, technology and media, IT support, website services and other costs associated with running the online campus.

Community Webchurch

$35 a month or more (A $129 a month value)

-Trusted teaching from Jennifer LeClaire each week.

-Daily prayer covering

-Prayer request line to Jennifer LeClaire

-Pastoral covering from Jennifer LeClaire

-On demand access to past AHOP teaching series

-Access to private Facebook community

-Access to Virtual Life Group

-Experience prophetic worship in your living room

-Receive a digital online church membership certificate

-Ask Jennifer your questions about the message

-Access our Verse of the Day for reflection

-Exercise your gifts through volunteer opportunities

-Loving accountability in your walk with Christ

-Make friends around the world

Equipped Webchurch

$77 a month or more (A $247 a month value)

-Receive everything in Community Webchurch PLUS:

-Opportunity to sign up for virtual deliverance rooms

In order to sign up for virtual deliverance rooms, you need to be a member for six months and active in watching the services and interacting with the community. This is for safety in walking out deliverance. We reserve the right to decline online deliverance if we discern the case needs to be handled in person.

-Opportunity to sign up for virtual prophecy rooms

-Opportunity to sign up for virtual healing rooms

-Priority appointments for in-person deliverance rooms

-15% off regularly priced courses

-15% discount to
regularly priced courses

-25% off annual pass

-Priority seating at AHOP live events